Dream More, Do More, Be More…

Hi, My name is Gyasi, and I’d like to transform the hearts and minds of the youth that you care for. Personal Leadership is all about learning to change how we see ourselves in order to develop the discipline, courage, growth, and awareness to dream more, do more, and be more. Whether they know it or not, each young person out there has the capacity for greatness. The right person needs to come alongside them with the right tools to capture their hearts and unlock that higher perception of themselves. I am that person! Help me help them!

3 Minute preview below.


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“YOU WERE AWESOME – the kids are still talking about you!!!! We would love to have you back again – we are really working on being role models and others could really benefit from hearing you! Let me know if you would be able to come back and we will make it work with our schedule. Thanks again!!!!”

-Cara B. – School Teacher


“Thank you so much for coming in. You were truly inspirational. You made a very positive impact on my students.”

-Craig F. – School Teacher


”The kids were quite captivated by your message! Thanks so much!”

– Kim K.  – Youth Director